About Us

Holistic World is more than a company selling natural healing products, Holistic World is the only natural way of healing and enhancing your natural vibrations and frequency of your body. Here at the Holistic World, we are the largest distributor of mineral base jewelry with healing benefits.

After years, of research and hard work, Holistic World has found the perfect natural combination for your body to feel amazing. We specialize in Tourmaline, Far Infrared, Neodymium Magnets, & Germanium technology all infused into our jewelry. Our jewelry has been scientifically recognized to balance energy levels, increase your oxygen from muscle to brain, and most importantly improve realm sleep and blood flow.


At Holistic World we work hand in hand with manufacturers to test and analyze all of our products to be both beneficial to your health, and perfect for everyday fashion. We are always evolving our jewelry designs along with the power of our technology.


To meet the highest demands in the market and to assure our customers are fully satisfied, Holistic World has built up the greatest customer service team. Our team prides itself on taking great care of our customers and making sure all customers are fully satisfied.