We are proud to offer you the Holistic World Limited Lifetime Warranty on authentic Holistic World quality products we sell and that are purchased through Holistic World authorized retailers.  We want you to be assured that we stand behind our products 100%.  The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the amount of Negative Ions in our bracelets (and all other Holistic World products that we sell).  It does not apply to normal wear, tear and/or cosmetic imperfections.  However, You may exchange your product within 90 days of purchase if there are any manufacturing defects.  For Warranty exchanges, repairs, adjustments or other: Product(s) must be returned to our offices, at customers expense, with a completed Warranty Exchange or Repair/Adjustment Form, a copy of the receipt and the appropriate payment for the shipping & handling charges listed on the form.  If the exact item is no longer available we reserve the right to replace it with a comparably priced item similar in style.  We DO NOT warranty against lost or stolen merchandise. Holistic World does not process refunds for third party retailers or vendors and does not warranty products purchased from non-authorized retailers, vendors or dealers.

What does the warranty not cover?

It does not cover the shipping and handling costs, either to return the product to our offices/warehouse or the cost to ship your repaired item or replacement Holistic World product(s) to you.  It does not cover normal wear and tear or the overall appearance of the bracelet, band, ring, etc.  It does not cover breakage, theft or loss of any kind due to the wearing of any Holistic World product.  The warranty does not cover mistreatment, misuse or intentional damage of the product.  We reserve the right to refuse warranty replacement if such treatment is shown.

How do I make a claim?

Click on WARRANTY CLAIM, fill out the application completely and submit.  Then within 1 to 2 Business Days one of our customer service representatives will contact you and assist you in the next steps to process your claim.

International Customers

We only ship USPS International Priority Mail and some areas may take 2 to 3 weeks or more for shipment to be delivered.  If you would like to provide us with a pre-paid shipping label for another service provider we will waive the shipping and handling charges, but there may be a nominal fee for repairs or materials.  Also, keep in mind that you, the Customer, are responsible for all duties, taxes, fees, etc.

Holistic World Limited Lifetime Warranty applies ONLY to products purchased through this Website or through an Authorized Retailer/Vendor that is currently on our List of Authorized Vendors.  Any product purchased from an unauthorized seller voids any and all warranty protection.